Do You Know Bihar’s Entrepreneurial Renaissance?

Government Schemes and Funding for Startups


Bihar, a state historically known for its cultural richness, is now making strides in the world of startups and entrepreneurship. The Bihar government has launched several schemes and funding opportunities to empower and support aspiring entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ongoing government schemes for startups in Bihar, and we’ll illustrate their impact through a real-life case study.

Ongoing Government Schemes and Funding Opportunities for Startups in Bihar
  1. Startup Bihar Objective: To foster a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation in Bihar. Benefits: Funding support, access to incubation facilities, mentorship, and assistance with regulatory approvals.
  2. Mudra Loan Yojana Objective: To provide financial assistance to micro and small businesses, including startups. Benefits: Loans at different stages—Shishu, Kishor, and Tarun—based on the startup’s development phase and financial requirements.
  3. Bihar Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (BEDS) Objective: To encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among the youth of Bihar. Benefits: Financial support, skill development, and guidance through the startup journey.
  4. Bihar Venture Capital Fund (BVCF) Objective: To provide equity or quasi-equity support to startups in Bihar. Benefits: Access to venture capital funding for early-stage startups, fostering growth and expansion.
Case Study: “TechSolutions”

Meet Rahul, an enterprising young engineer with a passion for solving real-world problems through technology. He dreamed of starting his own tech startup and making a meaningful impact on society. Let’s take a closer look at Rahul’s journey and how he benefited from Bihar’s startup schemes and funding opportunities.

The Inception of TechSolutions

Rahul’s entrepreneurial journey began when he came up with an innovative software solution to improve healthcare record management in rural areas. He named his startup “TechSolutions.”

Support from Startup Bihar

Rahul learned about the Startup Bihar initiative, which provided him with the crucial resources he needed to kickstart TechSolutions.

  1. Funding: Through Startup Bihar, Rahul secured initial funding, enabling him to develop a prototype and carry out market research.
  2. Incubation: He joined an incubation program supported by Startup Bihar, where he had access to a collaborative workspace, state-of-the-art equipment, and mentorship from industry experts.
  3. Mentorship: Experienced entrepreneurs mentored Rahul, helping him refine his business plan and connect with potential clients and investors.
TechSolutions’ Growth Trajectory

With dedicated effort and support from Startup Bihar, TechSolutions’ innovative healthcare software gained attention and started making a difference in Bihar’s rural healthcare sector.

Recognition and Funding from BVCF

Rahul’s startup caught the eye of investors and venture capitalists, and he received funding from the Bihar Venture Capital Fund (BVCF). This injection of capital allowed TechSolutions to scale up operations, hire skilled professionals, and expand their reach to other states.

Positive Impact on Healthcare

TechSolutions’ software significantly improved healthcare record management in rural Bihar, reducing errors, improving patient care, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.


Rahul’s journey with TechSolutions is a testament to the transformative power of Bihar’s startup schemes and funding opportunities. Through these initiatives, the state is not only encouraging entrepreneurship but also driving innovation and job creation. If you have a startup idea and the drive to succeed, consider exploring these government schemes and funding options. You might just be the next success story to inspire others and contribute to Bihar’s entrepreneurial renaissance.

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